Helping communities through SMS technology.

Unify your Community's Health Experience

Adopting the Jiseki technology provides continued care delivery in the era of social distancing.

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Improving Coordination & Communication

With the pandemic, public hospitals and government systems have become strained by the demands of COVID-19. Improving the efficiency of public systems, while maintaining standards of patient care is vital. JISEKI provides a frictionless solution and easy to scale avenue for education, mass communication, and coordination.

Reduce the strain on public healthcare facilities.

Improving Care Delivery through SMS Texting

Providing a way to communicate and coordinate at scale is critical in today's world. The ability to automate triage for patients via text and connect them to the appropriate care services can allow for more effective care delivery and reduce the need for emergency room visits.

"Addressing & solving critical issues within communities is the reason JISEKI was created."

Tushar Vasisht, Co-Founder

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