Simplifying communication for health insurers.

Solving Fragmented Communication

Leveraging JISEKI's patented text communication tool to enhance existing programs & initiatives.

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Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Addressing social determinants of health, and coordinating access to healthy food, health education, mental health support, financial wellness, and social service resources, is often difficult to integrate into care delivery. With JISEKI, you have the opportunity to address disparities by creating an easier access point to connect individuals to resources.

Simplifying fragmented communication through technology.

Technology to Enhance Member Initiatives

In addition to scalable SMS technology, JISEKI’s tailored solutions seamlessly integrate with your current workflows so you eliminate the need for extra paperwork, emails, marketing, campaigns, and more. With JISEKI, you can easily highlight your plan’s offerings, upcoming enrollment dates, and more to help make quality care accessible to all of your members.

"We've developed solutions for payors to address existing member engagement issues."

Tushar Vasisht, Co-Founder

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