Providing behavioral support for those needing it most.

Improving Mental Outlook & Recidivism

Adopting the Jiseki technology provides continued support and behavioral delivery.

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Focusing on improvement and not confinement.

Addressing Mental Health Challenges

Mental health is a growing issue across the country’s prisons. It’s one of the factors inducing several problems inside prisons like aggressions on the prison’s employees, suicide, and high crime rate. By providing mental health support to inmates, you’ll effectively address the challenges above.  At JISEKI, using our patented AI technology, we help you do that in the most efficient and seamless way.

Using SMS texting and AI to streamline care delivery

One-Stop Solution Improving Mental Outlook

At Jiseki, we offer a one-stop solution where your community can access mental healthcare, through a simple text message, helping to decrease stigma and increase accessibility in the process. With more and more inmates needing mental health support, you need to have a solution that is secure and fast, and easily deployable.

"Improving mental & behavioral outlook, betters our communities."

Tushar Vasisht, Co-Founder

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