How we simplify your communication.

More reason why JISEKI is the right fit.

Simplifying how communication is handled.

Solving fragmented communication between members.

Leveraging AI, patented technology, and SMS text.

The way we combine SMS with secure text, voice, and video allows us to reach everyone and deliver any service that can be delivered remotely, in a completely customized and simple way. As your business expands and evolves, and complexity increases, investing in high-value SMS messaging capabilities for your people, process and technology enables true digital transformation with a proven ROI.

Being Employed Drives Positive Outcomes

Direct Placement Services

JISEKI partners with employers to vet, train,and place members in jobs and continues to provide these members our services after they start

JISEKI services delivered to members by text message at 543210 helps them manage any issues they and their families face. By providing post-employment engagement and services, our goal is to reduce churn and create a better workforce.

Behavioral care services through AI and our team.

Virtual Mental Health Care a Text Away

Our services can also include offerings that effectively address behaviors that impact an individual’s well-being.

The public health crisis has called on providers, healthcare systems, communities, and employers to provide more access to care. Not only more access, but easier access. With Jiseki, we offer a one-stop solution where your community can access care, through a simple text message (message and data rates may apply), helping to decrease stigma and increase accessibility in the process. Governments, school systems, and social services are starting to approach mental health as a public health issue. With more and more individuals seeking care from home, the need to deploy easy, fast, and secure solutions is great.

Financial wellness is a public health issue.

Financial Wellness through Care Delivery

JISEKI services can include financial expertise as part of a holistic approach to overall wellbeing.

Make connecting your members to vital financial resources easy and quick. Help unbanked and underbanked members get started with a JISEKI debit card and a financial advisor. Using the service is as simple as texting #money to 543210 (message and data rates may apply). JISEKI offers union-specific solutions to help address the financial wellness of your members and help individuals and families become more financially independent.

Easy to Scale Within Existing Programs

Plug JISEKI into your current member or user initiatives.

Turnkey Solution

Simplistic user experience and SMS text tools.

Professional Service Delivery

Let our experiences concierges assist you.

Easy to Organize

Design your programs and plug in JISEKI.

Communication Delivery with SMS is the Future

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Diversifying JISEKI Service Offerings

Leveraging multiple services that JISEKI offers can help you improve your member engagement, member health, and improve member lifestyle.

"Whole Person Care. Its the future of care."

Tushar Vasisht, Co-Founder