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It is possible to provide accessible, FREE health benefits to everyone, especially to more than 50 million underinsured or uninsured Americans. Benefits that address social determinants of health in addition to clinical needs. 

Jiseki is a healthcare provider unlike any other, with a game-changing platform to make it happen.

We deliver first-level help for all of life’s challenges as an integrated, FREE service, with premium service options available.

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If you're a retailer or service business, Jiseki provides... 

- Your employees a whole-person care benefit assuring them help when they need it, at no cost to you.

- A competitive advantage in hiring and retaining employees in a tight labor market.

- Convenience for your employees, reducing time-off and absences. For employees with health insurance Jiseki is a fast, low-cost complementary option for getting second opinions, answering health questions, and meeting basic health needs. Plus it offers them access to services and professionals no health plan can.

- An attractive and sticky benefit for your loyal customers, which can be also be leveraged to increase foot traffic or complement existing health and wellness offerings.

- A partnership with a revenue-sharing opportunity to help your bottom line.

- An optional hashtag on our platform you can use to communicate with your customers or employees. Use the power of the Jiseki platform for your business.

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If you're in city government, Jiseki provides... 

- Your citizens universal care at no cost. For more than 50 million underinsured or uninsured Americans we can be a lifeline.

- A partnership that lowers your expenses. Comprehensive access to care will reduce the burden on your emergency services.

- A low-cost channel for treating mental health issues that beset all communities and all income strata.

- Population-level health management that will help attract new residents and new businesses.

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Our platform is built on three pillars: text messaging, hashtags, and automation and AI. Our innovation is the way we combine them to reach everyone and deliver any service that can be delivered remotely. 

In the US we use a memorable short code phone number, 543210. We're also capable of going global through WeChat and WhatsApp. Registered users text a hashtag to our number to get started. It's that easy.


Conversation is the basis for care, and texting is the world's preferred way to have a conversation. Because users don't have to download an app they get started with us in seconds. 

We support HIPAA-compliant conversations on secure web chat accessed with a link sent via text, with optional voice and video calling enabled.


On the Jiseki platform hashtags act like a channel selector. They're used to switch from one service type to another, one professional to another.

It's easy for everyone, by design.


We've deployed bots capable of scripted interactions and follow-ups as well as sophisticated AI trained by clinical professionals using thousands of hours of conversation. As we gather and anonymize conversations our goal is to build better and new AI across all service areas. This will enable our care-givers to be more effective and efficient.

This is what disruption looks like.

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Text 855-754-7354 (855-7-JISEKI)

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We're the Future

What We Offer

Help That's Always Available

The Jiseki platform is always on, 24/7, 365 days a year. Whenever you need it and wherever you are, help is just a text away.

Amazing Value

There's no other resource like Jiseki Health. We believe everyone deserves high quality universal care that respects their time at no cost.

Care for the Whole Person

Whatever you need, you can count on Jiseki to be your “concierge" for help and care. We partner with the best professionals throughout the country who are driven to provide you superior service. 

Doctors and Nurses

Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Life Coaches



Financial Advisors


Physical Therapists

Benefits Advisors


The icons below represent service professionals currently or shortly available on our platform, with more to come! 

Jiseki has also created special products to help people save money and live better

To help people claim all the deductions they're entitled to, we partnered with a respected CPA service to offer low-cost tax prep.

We created the first of its kind, free debit card to help families avoid expensive check-cashing services and stretch their money further. Sign-up today!

In partnership with a major wholesaler, we created Freshfull Foods, a produce delivery service currently operating in the Bay Area. With the help of our clinical staff, it's food as medicine that saves money too!

Coming Soon: home diagnostic solutions and blockchain-based health information management

Very helpful and informative! They are accurate also with their information Easy to read and understand, fast responses, great tips. Thank you!!

                                                         - Maya P.

Jiseki has been so helpful and nice to me. The nurses and doctors are wonderful. Jukka has really done a good job helping me with all my questions. Thank you.

                                                         - Mary R.