We’re a tech-enabled, upstream, Whole Person Care #SDOH provider, and the operator of the Nation’s first profitable digital health equity marketplace. We assist Employers and Health plans in helping economically stressed, hard-working Americans get access to affordable care. And best of all, we’re built on top of a unique, patented, artificial intelligence assisted service for delivering message-based services.


JISEKI is the FIRST and ONLY Whole Person Care provider for individuals and populations who have high social needs. We operate a full-stack, super-specialized, health equity multi-tenant marketplace that addresses all the social determinants of health.

We assume the risks associated with standardized care and can encourage greater engagement from our members to participate in healthy behaviors - lowering the cost of care through hyper-personalization of needs-based managed services and products.

"We have a lot of hospital beds in brick-and-mortar institutions and we’re having to move to community and home-based sites of care, which is more convenient for the patient. Consumers are demanding easier access to services.”    "
~John Halamka, M.D.President, Mayo Clinic Platform

care Anytime, anywhere

Members can get access to more convenient and affordable whole person care through text, video, voice, messenger, WhatsApp, web and in-person.

  • JISEKI's platform is the infrastructure for both operating and connecting members to virtual care, brick and mortar clinics, and community care settings. We act as the front door AND the last mile delivery of Whole Person Care.


96.7% Satisfaction

Of members polled view JISEKI as favorable, convenient, and easy to use. Access to care is as simple as a text.

35% Engagement

JISEKI boasts an unprecedented 35% engagement rate thanks to our simplicity, availability, and frictionless access.

78 Net Promoter Score

Our Net Promoter Score shows our members are very pleased with our growing spectrum of services and products.

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"My daughter's temperature is down and we never needed to leave the house."

~ Barbara
"The concierge service was wonderful and I was able to get my questions answered right away. Thank you!"

~ Dana W.
"Great service. Very smooth. And I'm already feeling better."

~ Stephen J.



JISEKI services can include physical and clinical aspects, so non-emergency primary concerns are easily addressed.


Our services can also include offerings that effectively address behaviors that impact an individual’s well-being.


JISEKI services can include financial expertise as part of a holistic approach to overall wellbeing.


JISEKI offerings seek to improve and empower the state of being through increased communication and automated services.


Be it transportation, housing, food, or occupational, JISEKI services can address the insecurities that often plague marginalized populations.


In-person care services can be made available, so members never feel exposed and forgotten once they leave the doctor’s office.

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